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Who Am I ?

Am the son of Mr & Mrs.Sathish Kumar, who is the reader of a trilogy of illustrated books about creativity in the digital age.While am graduating in School, I realized how much I had left to learn. A traditional education had given me specialized knowledge but hadn't set me up with the skills needed to succeed in an environment of constant change. So, I set out on a journey to answer the question "What knowledge and skills do I need to thrive in the 21st century?" .While the prospect of uploading skills to our brain sounds incredible, the idea of 'The Singularity' raises some very serious questions about the future of humanity from a scientific, religious and philosophical perspective.

Meet Our Parents

Home Maker, Specialist in HandCraft & paintings.

Sons are everything to their moms. How can we express our love to the dearest people? Through actions and words! And what is more, by using the right words and sayings, one can do a lot more than by actions. You have shown me the beauty of life. You have been the smartest son that I could ever imagine of having. You are the Jupiter of Our life.

Some Words from Dad

My Inspirations

Mahendra Singh Dhoni


Mahendra Singh Dhoni is hero because of his skills to make brave decisions and his ability to guide others to victory. Dhoni was able to convert from soccer to cricket.

Rick Riordan

American Author

A hero is someone who inspires and influences you. I think a hero is someone who helps others accomplish their dreams. A hero never gives up. My hero is Rick Riordan.

DR A. P. J. Abdul Kalam

Aerospace scientist & Author

The “missile man” of India also authored 10 books that speak his inspiring life story and ardor spirit of the young generation. An idol of thousands of scientist and young blood.

Lewis Hamilton

Car Racer

Lewis Hamilton is Formula 1 great, he is an inspiration. Most leaders that have risen to the top have a back story of some sorts that outlines how a person rose to success.

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